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"Joy has been training with me for years and pushes hard every time she comes to the gym. We did sets of 3 with 195 lbs today. She is a huge part of the family here at Starke Fitness! Thank you for the opportunity to personal train you through your fitness journey over the past years!" -Austin O'kelly


“I joined Starke fitness gym December 2015 and signed up with AOK for personal training sessions with Chance Upton. I wanted to work on muscle toning. We work on push pull for upper body and lower body every week. I was pleased with my progress. Then in September of 2017, I fell and broke my shoulder. So Chance changed our sessions to lower body and core exercises. In January when I was released from physical therapy, we started back to include upper body exercises. We started out slowly, baby steps, but made progress every week. To say that I am excited to have 100% use of my shoulder again is an understatement! I couldn't have achieved this task on my own. Thank you, Chance!” -Connie


“What an incredible and rewarding journey the last 7 months have been! I started training with Courtney, a trainer at Starke Fitness. Under her guidance, knowledge, and experience I have noticed great results. Never thought I could feel and look so great at 45 years old. If you're ready for a change, I recommend Starke Fitness and all of their staff 110%” -Amy


"Don’t question “can I”... you can! I joined Starke fitness 6 months before my 40th birthday to become a healthier me. I partnered with Anson Walker to help me define what I set out to accomplish. (Its now 5 months until my 42nd.) It’s been life changing! -Heather


"In just over 90 days JW Caver has taken his squats from 185lbs to 275lbs, bench from 115lbs to 225lbs, leg press from 225lbs to 500lbs, and has gained significant strength in his shoulders! He’s at Starke 5 days a week! Very proud to say the least!" -Anson Walker


"Thanks Sasha Goodlett (Professional WNBA athlete) for choosing to personal train with us during your off season. Can’t wait to see your results over these next few months!" -Austin O'kelly


"It's not easy to train your wife. Kacey started training with me 4 months ago and is already seeing some great results. Proud of her for working hard and trusting me to train her. Can’t wait to see your progress to come!" -Austin O'kelly


"I begged Beth for three months to let me post a before and after picture! She finally relented! This pic is worth 1,000 words! Two of her strengths are consistency and coaching ability. I'm so proud of you my friend! Congrats!" -Anson Walker


 "So proud of these girls! Three mornings a week, they pull in before 5am only to endure an hour of BRUTAL weight training, with a little HIIT thrown in.  In Sept of 2015, Ironclad was born. Designed by our certified personal trainers as a weight training focused boot camp.  Ironclad programming has produced AMAZING, long term results. Ironclad includes nutritional guidance, weigh-ins, measurements, accountability, and a WHOLE lot of sweat!" -Courtney Williams

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